The Cabra Historical Society was founded in 2009 by a number of residents who live in the Cabra area.

The main idea behind historical society was to research and investigate both the physical and social aspect of the people in the area of Cabra and to collected and keep a records of local people’s memories of time pass on social and sporting events that happen in the Cabra area over the last one hundred years. 

As a number of members were involved in Naomh Fionnbarra GAA club, a proposal was submitted from our group to the Club Executive four years ago with the idea of acquiring a room in the clubhouse for the group in order to keep records of the history of Cabra.

The response from the club was very positive and we also asked to collect and research the club's history and use the room as library for club records and an archive.

The club accepted this arrangement with two stipulations that on their website a local folklore page of the club's history as well as local history would be created and every three months a Dublin historical tour would be run for older social members of the club and older residents from Cabra.

This arrangement with Naomh Fionnbarra GAA club has worked really well for the both parties as can be shown by the number of articles and research that have been shared on the club's website.

With the advent of the hundredth anniversary of 1916, the Cabra Historical Society have been planning and setting out a programme for this.

Cabra was an outpost garrison and was involved in the first action of the 1916 rising so we have set up a re-enactment volunteer Citizen Army group consisting 30 men and women from the area.
— Nicky Kehoe, Chairperson

We have also conducted historical tours of the local community for the older people of Naomh Fionnbarra GAA club. Another element that has stood to our society, has been the involvement of former City Councillor, Nicky Kehoe, who is our chairperson.

Nicky over the last four years has completed a history degree at Trinity College and as a local historian has contributed greatly to the Cabra Historical Society.